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For those visiting and using this web site (now updated to Febuary 2018), I hope it is informative and of assistance.

Gaining access to information is still a challenge we can all take up!

Ken Rubin
Recent Appointment:

The Centre for Free Expression (CFE) at Ryerson
University has announced that Ken Rubin is now a CFE Senior Fellow
He digs for information in the public interest
(Public Editor, Toronto Star Nov 27/15)
About Ken Rubin

Ken Rubin is an Ottawa-based public interest researcher, a citizens’ advocate, an author, a civil libertarian, and an organic farmer. He is a well known commentator on the right to information (RTI) and secrecy practices in Canada.

He has filed and analyzed thousands of requests for public and personal information. His work has resulted in hundreds of media stories. He has written and published many articles and reports on government secrecy and privacy and surveillance practices. He has acted as an access consultant to a variety of media, public interest groups, political parties, labour unions, research groups, trade associations, and individuals.

Many of his Federal Court actions for freedom of information/ right to information are referred to as benchmark cases. He has helped promote improvements in freedom of information and privacy protection legislation in Canada, including amending the federal access act to penalize officials for record alteration violations. He has appeared before several parliamentary committees and is a columnist for the Hill Times.

For over 50 years, he has been involved in a wide range of regional and national public actions that include food and air safety, health and environmental protection issues and telecommunications.

“Thanks for showing us the way”. Kevin Page Former Parliamentary Budget Officer October 6, 2015
“Ken is a pioneer in the use of the access-to-information law to uncover truth and facts about how government operates. He has blazed a trail that many others have followed.”.
Steven Chase, Globe and Mail national correspondent
August 19, 2015
“Mr. Rubin has been a government gadfly for more than three decades...he has been a frequent source of blockbuster stories ...having extracted embarrassing documents from reluctant departments.. he is an unmatched resource because of his historical knowledge of the field of freedom of information and because of his insider's knowledge of many battles with bureaucrats... he has stuck to his profession and principles through thick and thin for many years”. Dean Beeby, Deputy Bureau Chief, Canadian Press, January 10, 2011
“Mr. Rubin is well known as an advocate of public interest issues, and government may very well agree that some of his work is useful, but may find him a pain in the neck in other instances”. May 17, 1984
(Perrin Beatty Co-Chair, House of Commons-Senate Regulations and Other Statutory Instruments Joint Committee)

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What people do not know can often hurt them